Sunday, August 16, 2015

Modernism, Periodical, and Cultural Poetics

I haven't posted here in a good while, nearly forgot about the blog. If you are interested in more information about my book, please see the page on the Palgrave site.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Artvoice interview

Read me trying to be articulate. And for those in Buffalo, the launch details:

Launch of P-Queue & Pilot
202 ALLEN ST. (near the corner of Allen & Elmwood)

Featuring readings & performances by:

Michael Basinski
James Currie
Zack Finch
Brian Mornar
Joanna Raczynska
Angela Szczepaniak
Kevin Thurston

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Announcing the release of Pilot: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry

Pilot: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry

Featuring poetry by:

Tony Lopez
Boi-Lucia Gbaya
Lisa Robertson
Allen Fisher
Rodrigo Toscano
Karen Mac Cormack
Ric Royer
Rachel Zolf
Kevin Thurston
Alan Halsey
Jeff Derksen
Chris Fritton
Ashton Royce
Angela Szczepaniak
Geoff Hlibchuk
Redell Olsen
Adrian Clarke
Derek Beaulieu

Schablone Berlin review

Featuring an audio interview with Michael Basinski

For a free copy of Pilot please contact me at We, of course, accept donations that will help fund our mailings.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jim Morrison's fans c. 1991


JIM MORRISON wishes to dedicate these works to the one person who has been a true friend to him in life and in death, that person being Ray Manzarek. (Ray, if you should ever read this, we all want you to know that Jim loves you very much.)


"You Murdered My Banana"

You murdered my banana
And I am not sure why
But you say that
You set it in the sun
To turn it black
Just because you thought
I like black things

The liking of darkness
Does not extend to bananas
I'm afraid
Besides, it is mushy inside


"I Took the Snake To the Market"

I took the snake
To the market
The Clerk said
Park it
But that would
Never do

He's Oliver, I cried
How can you
Even think
He'd stay in
One place?

Look at his little snakeness face
Can't you see a trace
Of deception in his eyes?
You hold him I said
Hold him by his little snake head
You must not let him free
He's threatened to make a movie

But before the words left my mouth
That snake was heading South
Straight to Hollywood and Vine
With a pencil in his mouth
Saying sign on the dotted line

Densmore was the first to fall
Then all, all, all
But the lizard
Lined up the wall
Hearing the serpents call